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With the latest “Made in Germany” product of our “CASA” product range, we succeeded in transforming attributes of big floor-standing loudspeakers into a compact enclosure dimension, which can be easily integrated into your individual living environment. Inside the MR-B1, the long excursion 5” chassis is beating the pulse of your favorite music, whereas the extreme high-resolution tweeter ST 40 WS with “UltraSphere™” technology is responsible for the goosebumps factor. Together, they form the perfect symbiosis of power and precision.


    LINEA-R B-One

    Bookshelf Loudspeaker


    Our number one aim always is to provide you with an unforgettable sound experience. For that reason, the MR-B1 comes with a specific technology we call “X-Sphere”. Core of this technology is a partial omnidirectional radiation system with consistent increase of the directivity from low to high frequencies – or briefly speaking: Your soundstage becomes livelier, wider, and more three-dimensional, however without losing precise positioning. The result is a very wide sound stage with outstanding spatial imaging and a maximum of information, even under angle. For this reason, the so called “SweetSpot” is getting wider which makes for a perfect sound experience, even in togetherness. 




    Driver Units


    Power Handling

    Frequency Response

    Nominal Impedance

    Crossover Frequency

    Crossover Slope


    Dimensions (W/H/D)





    2-Way ported /


    1 x 40 mm Tweeter

    1 x 13 cm Mid-Bass

    80 W RMS / 200 W max.

    38 - 35.000 Hz / -10dB

    4 Ω

    1.400 Hz

    12 / 12 dB / Octave

    80 dB (1W/1m)

    18 / 29 / 21 cm 

    7.09 / 11.42 / 8.27 inch


    This “X-Sphere” technology is technically realized by the 5” midbass woofer at the bottom of the box, which is playing against a diffuser-cone with optimized geometry. This cone spreads the low and mid frequencies well defined in all directions. The result is a radial dispersion of the sonic waves. In addition, the ST 40 WS tweeter provides a directivity index which represents the perfect balance of spatial imaging and precise positioning.


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