Small things are what make perfection, but perfection is anything but a small thing                                             

Sir Frederick Henry Royce (Rolls-Royce)



Here at the GermanMAESTRO headquarters,

it is our aim to take in account all those small details every day anew. We take this challenge for our customers to provide products which honestly deserve the seal “Quality Product” and therefore represent a rewarding investment. We see ourselves as a combination of a manufacture and a production plant with the goal to transfer the highest quality possible into a series production. Of course such a structure cannot be developed overnight, but our factory here in Obrigheim, Germany continues a long tradition in loudspeaker manufacturing which dates back several decades and has started with the production of the brand MB-Quart. Since that time we produce high quality Car-HiFi components, Home speakers, Headphones & Headsets and Marine speakers at our factory.

To preserve our ideals, we created ourselves a guideline which represents the foundation of all our acting and therefore represents the foundation of our whole company as well.



Quality before profit

The first moment a decision about the quality of a product has to be made always comes up at the early stage of development. Unfortunately, things like trade-off (cost and quality), outsourcing or planned obsolescence are terms that are more and more often used by development departments in the modern industry. Ever since we started, we successfully defend the philosophy that costs always just can be optimized to the degree, where the quality does not start suffering from it and that an in-house production wherever possible is to prefer to outsourcing. This strategy of course leads to increased production costs and less profit, however, a constant and over average high product quality will be granted - and that´s want counts in the long run.



Everything from a single source

If there is the aim to engineer and produce technically sophisticated but therefore benchmark setting products, an enormous amount of technological potential and well-founded knowledge is necessary. For this reason we run our own development department here at GermanMAESTRO, which is equipped with technical facilities that just a handful of other European audio manufacturers have access to: the so called “anechoic chamber” (also known as “dead room”). Due to its huge dimensions and its quite rare version as a full anechoic room without a solid floor, acoustical measurements of loudspeakers can be conducted without any disturbing interference of reflections, standing waves and echoes. Further, all headphones and headsets are acoustically measured and optimized by means of an artificial ear. Our operations management keeps this philosophy as well and continuously trusts in the granted high quality of an in-house production. As a result, our vertical range of manufacture is significantly higher than the sectoral average and even reaches down to the processing of raw materials, for example at our in-house plastics injection molding department.



Handcraft and automation

As common for manufactures, we strongly rely on handcraft at our production, because it often still is the key to a reliable production of technically sophisticated components. The high rate of handcraft at the production allows us to achieve a series production of loudspeakers with extremely narrow build tolerances, what significantly increases the performance and the accuracy of the products. We choose handcraft for all those complicated steps in the production that require human sense and feel for the product. Thereby, each small detail of a filigree high-tech product can be handled individually and with great care for every single piece we build. On the other hand, there are also steps in the production where the critical factor is not the interaction of human and product, but the necessity to repeat a task absolutely precise and in exactly the same way. Such processes are identified during the preproduction run and will be automated then. Hereby we always use machines which have been engineered by ourselves, to match them to our individual requirements. As a result, this intelligent mix of handcraft and automation is increasing our production outcome and the efficiency, whereas quality and flexibility stay on a high level.


This policy will be kept for future developments and productions. We are proud to be a local employer which is regionally linked to many suppliers in the direct environment and globally connected with a good number of wholesale customers who appreciate the solid “Made in Germany” quality and spread it all over the world.



Car-Hifi production

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